And So the War Began…

We’re baaaaaaack!
Our last episode was published on February 24th, the day Russia began its brutal war here in Ukraine. We published that episode, and then promptly fell off the podcast map.  Our whole lives changed on that day and we’ll never be the same.  But at long last, we have picked up our heads and decided to revive the ol’ podcast. ❤️

In this episode, I (Kim) shared our community’s experiences during the first couple weeks of war and how we responded as the fight came closer and closer to our Homestead.  It was a bit emotional for me to return to those days, but I think it’s important to share our experiences with you. This war in Ukraine is far from over and it is our responsibility, those of us who love Ukraine, to remind the world of what is happening here.

Please don’t forget Ukraine. 🇺🇦

Our Wartime Youtube Playlist

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