Together, We Can Bring Dignity, Love, and Hope

At Wide Awake International, we recognize the transformative power of unity. Our mission – to deinstitutionalize boys and men with intellectual disabilities in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine and provide support to their families – cannot be accomplished alone. We are supported by hundreds of individuals, churches, nonprofits, and small businesses worldwide who share our vision of all people with disabilities knowing the love of a family. Whether you’ve just discovered Wide Awake or have been part of our journey for years, there are numerous ways to get involved and make a lasting impact:


Your financial contributions are vital to our mission. As a donor, you provide the resources necessary for our operations and future expansion. We are registered as a 501c3 in the USA. We specifically welcome:

  • Monthly Supporters: By committing to a regular donation, you help us plan and secure our programs for the future.
  • Capital Campaign Contributors: Support our final push to complete our Homestead and expand our capacity to provide a home for four more boys and see your contributions make a tangible difference.
  • Legacy Givers: Deinstitutionalization is a lifelong commitment and the care needs and expenses of our boys will continue. Consider including Wide Awake in your estate planning to leave a lasting legacy of love and care.


Donate your time and skills to make a real difference. Medical professionals, journeyman tradespeople, providers of relevant training – we welcome you into the Wide Awake family. Your expertise can help us in our pursuit of creating opportunities and providing individualized care for people with disabilities.


Help us spread the stories of our boys. Sharing our mission with your network, both online and offline, will bring more people into our community and help keep Ukraine in people’s thoughts. Your advocacy can inspire more people to join our cause. Please remember Ukraine!


We know that many around the world are praying for Ukraine and for Wide Awake. We appreciate and welcome your intercession. Please pray that Ukraine would have peace; that the boys, girls, men, and women in institutions in Ukraine will be protected, cherished, and loved; and that more and more people from Ukraine and around the world will join us on this mission. Join our newsletter or see The Latest for more prayer points.

Nonprofit Partnerships

We’re always eager to collaborate with organizations that resonate with our mission. Whether you can offer training, send teams, provide grants, lobby or advocate, or simply wish to learn more about our model of care, we invite you to work with us to provide families for people with disabilities in Ukraine and inspire change.

Partners in Ukraine

If you’re based in Ukraine and interested in exploring partnership or learning more about our model of care, we’re excited to connect. We are actively seeking local partners who share our passion for deinstitutionalization. Together, we can transform lives, support families, and make our shared vision a reality.

Every person is valuable. Every person deserves to know the love of a family here on Earth. If you share this belief, we invite you to join our mission. If you have an idea or fall into a category not listed, please reach out! Let’s walk this journey together, bringing dignity, love, and hope to more Ukrainians, one family at a time.