Today So Far

 This blog has a couple of purposes.  One of them being a way to keep friends and family informed of the process and journey God’s had us on, and the other purpose is just to have a place to document our thoughts, what God is saying, what God is doing, so that when the going gets rough or we have doubts we can look back and remember.  Today is one of those days I need to read back and remember what God has done and what He’s said to us in the past. 

I hate to be a downer, but today has been pretty emotional for me.  One of our contacts we were supposed to meet today ended up having to reschedule for Sunday, and that’s totally fine, it just means we had another day to wander.  We ended up heading to the spot I wanted to see the most here in Kiev. 

At a statue near the building for adoptions

 After much searching, a coffee break and uphill, downhill trial and error we located the Adoption Authority office.  That is the infamous building where families who are here to adopt receive the file of the child they are here for.  At your appointment at this office you officially get permission to go visit your child in the orphanage.  This whole crazy journey we’ve been on started with the dream of going to that office and picking up a referral of our own.  Even though we aren’t here to adopt I just knew I had to find that office.  I just had to give the statue a rub.  I guess I didn’t realize how I would feel being there.  I wasn’t expecting it.  I felt sad, a little confused, a lot aimless.  I mean, there is a little boy in this country right now that I would adopt right this instant if God gave the go-ahead.  He’s mere hours away, sitting in a high chair with no stimulation, no Mama to love him and I’m here, not sure at all what God has in store.  I’m a “doer”, so I guess I feel like if we were here to adopt I would know what to “do”.  But, we are here at this point just to “be”.  That is super hard for me.  Of course later in the trip we’ll have a chance to “do”, but a lot of our time will be just “being”, eyes and ears open to what the Father is saying.  If we get too busy doing, we may miss His still, small voice.  A friend gave us a Word just yesterday that we are to be “Kingdom Observers” here.  We are to observe what is Kingdom work here and bless it.

Today as we were out and about I was looking around at all the people and thinking in this very city there are babes wasting in cribs.  Are the people here aware?  Do they know?  How can we help?  What would God have us do?  I’m desperate to know.

I know we are here for a reason.  I know it.  It just feels a bit sad today that we are not here for the reason we originally thought.  I think I’m mourning that a bit today.  I just have to trust God that He has a great purpose for us here.  His plans are pleasing and perfect no matter if they look how I thought they would look.  Today I need to remember that and trust.  I did tell Jed to take note that we will be returning to that office someday.  And when we do, we will have an appointment of our own.  BAM.  Take that!  

(From Jed’s point of view)

Today has been great.  I just spent all day walking around Kiev, a beautiful city full of history, with my beautiful wife, who is full of passion.  When I watch her I’m reminded of the calling on our lives.  See, I have no problem resting and taking in the sights because I know that we have, and will, spend most of our lives pouring out of the overflow of God’s goodness in our lives.  Today was not that day.  Today was a day of fun.  God loves fun.  He is happy to watch us be happy.  “Happy are the people who’s God is the Lord.” -Pslam 144:15ish.  

As Americans, we are emotionally tied to pursuing happiness.  But, our diet of happiness has left us empty in the Purpose department.  Kim does not lack purpose; she is ready to fly.  But, God is not quite ready for us to take off.  He has us here to see what He is already doing.  We are here to notice His Kingdom breaking into the present.  And I see His Kingdom everywhere.  I see it in Daria and V as they talk about what God is doing in the Churches.  I see it in Eugene’s eyes.  I hear it in the voices of Nastia and Oleg.  I see it as young men give their seats to elders on the metro.  I could point out the oppression we see, but today I am seeing His Kingdom and I am praying for more.

“Holy Spirit you are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.  Your glory God is what our heart longs for, to be overcome by your presence Lord.”  -Bryan Torwalt

We were walking down the street, looking at paintings for sale.  It was so nice to see actual paint on canvas.  I mostly just see prints in America (probably says more about me, I’m sure there is plenty of paint in our fine country).  Anyways,  there was a painting of a girl in traditional Ukrainian clothing and she was harvesting wheat.  I was so moved by the picture.  I was reflecting on all of the Ukrainian people who are ready and searching and harvesting.

If our life was a war movie and God was a Captain, today He said, “Smoke ‘um if you got ‘um boys!”  Today I was smoking and Kim, like a Sargent was planning for what we would do after the rest.   We all knew she had rank on me anyways.  

-puffing away,  Jed  (not really puffing, Glen.)

Here’s some pictures from our adventures!

Cool building with mermaids and stuff on it.  Nice!  Ezra, it has a cool snake hanging from one side with it’s mouth open.  Don’t tell Grandmama!!Monument for the Unknown SoldierAddy, look!  It’s a jewelry store named Kimberly!St. AndrewsAt a park all decorated from Easter.  Hava, little children decorated these eggs.  Pretty huh?