Most Exciting News!

We have some amazing news to share!!

After many months of prayer and discussion, emails and letters, we have been invited to come volunteer at Mission to Ukraine in Zhitomir, Ukraine!!!

Zhitomir, (Zhytomyr) is just west of Kiev, the capital

This is our dream come true.  Mission to Ukraine (MTU) is an amazing place where healing happens. Hope is given.  Jesus is glorified.  What better place for us to learn how to serve the disabled in Ukraine, than from the ones who are already doing it, and doing it with excellence?  We are excited to serve the vision of MTU and help them in whatever area they need it most.

From MTU’s website: 

“Mission to Ukraine is an indigenously run ministry that serve the Zhitomir region ofUkraine. It ministers to the most marginalized of Ukraine – the unborn and the disabled.   
Children with special needs and their families live in a culture that is just beginning to emerge from the Soviet legacy ofdenying their existence. With limited access to state schooling, poor medical care and inaccessible buildings and transportation, the child with special needs is neglected and isolated by society.Mission to Ukraine offers much needed educational and medical therapies, practical assistance, and community.”
After we visited MTU last April we said to each other “We have to be a part of this.”  Now God has made a way and we are standing in awe.  
We are starting with a commitment to volunteer for at least one year, while learning and observing what the Father has in store.  MTU may be a launching place for other things, or a partner for the long-term.  We don’t know, and we won’t try to figure it out (remind us of that in a year from now...okay?).  We are going to serve and give out of our overflow.  God is the one doing this work and we say yes, one step at a time, trusting Him to show us what we need to know when we need to know it.  Scary?  Yes.  Peaceful?  Yes.  Exciting?  YES!!!!  Thank you all for praying for us and for God to reveal His next steps.  He is so good.

Praise God for His amazing way-making.  
Praise God for His plans unfolding for the fatherless in Ukraine.  Praise God for His love that never, ever fails.

Zhitomir Ukraine, here we come!

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